Shipping to European countries only 5 EUR

Deliveries and returns

(This is an abstract from the Legal Notice)

International deliveries shall be executed using services of UPS International.

Parcels shall be dispatched in between of 1-3 working days once the order has been established.

To each order NS will include, either a sales receipt or an invoice, accordingly to the customer's wish.

In the event of the execution of delivery turning out to be impossible due to reasons being different than a stock shortage, Nowy Samochód S.A shall inform the customer of such occurance either via telephone or e-mail. Nowy Samochód S.A shall also in such event entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract either partially or entirely. Nowy Samochód S.A may also entitle the customer to split an order ,thus establishing a new term of dispatch for the part of an order, which turned out to be impossible to execute in a primarly established term.

The cost of delivery include both the transport of the parcel and the packaging.