Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax Dark + Fusso Speed&Barrier

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Japanese legend and absolute European bestseller. Choice of over 10 million drivers! Now in a set with a quick detailer based on the Fusso technology - Fusso Speed & Barrier.

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Weight 200g
Objętość 400ml

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Fusso Coat 12 Month Wax

The unsurpassed formula based on fluoropolymers breaks the boundaries between waxes and coatings. Fusso Coat is a guarantee of amazing shine, spectacular hydrophobicity and the most reliable protection reaching up to 12 months. Available in two versions - for dark and light varnishes.


1. Prepare your car by carefully hand-washing with neutral pH shampoo, drying and decontaminating the surface using clay bar, cleaner, or other products of this kind.

2. Get the minimum amount of product on the pad by applying gentle pressure to the surface of the wax and moving the pad in a can.

3. Spread an even and possibly thin layer of wax on the paint with cross-motion, working panel by panel.

4. Wait about 5-8 minutes for the wax to bind with the paint. The higher temperature, the shorter time needed.

5. Polish the residue with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, frequently changing its side or replacing it with fresh one.

Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier Hand Spray is a product with a wipe-free guarantee! Washing the car before application is not always necessary, because our product does not only protect your car from damage by repelling water and oil, but also removes dirt marks, if they are not that stubborn. The effect of the fluorine resin makes it so that ritual car washing can be almost entirely forgotten. Both men and women can use this product in order to achieve an equally flawless masterpiece, without sticky and smelly after-effects that most other conventional coatings produce. Petroleum-free formulation.

Directions of use:

* Make sure that your car’s color is compatible with this product.

* Wash off dirt in advance to protect the surface from scratches.

1. Shake the bottle well.

2. Spray it on the car and spread it as evenly as possible with the included towel.

*Refold it and use another clean side when it becomes hard to wipe.